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Let‘s make a musical journey to the sunny South of Spain.

... more temperament, captivating athmosphere and Spanish ambiance will hardly be found
anywhere else.
Wherever Gipsy Vo i c e s performs it is assured audience gets incredibly excited. This has been
confirmed by commentators, newspaper reviews, organizers and thousands of visitors who visited
their concerts.
Whether at the Landespresseball in Stuttgart, the Rheinterrassen in Düsseldorf or the Europa Park,
the group ensures a joyous celebration of dance, making the audience react enthusiastically.

Besides the athmospheric songs like Volare or Bamboleo the repertoire also includes own songs, with
Gipsy Vo i c e s won the 2nd and 3rd place at the German Grand Prix of Composer.

As part of the German tv show „Expedition in die Heimat Nordschwarzwald“ SWR shows the well
known band Gipsy Vo i c e s originating from the region of Mühlacker. The band was on tv for the first
time with their own song „To c a To c a “.
During a Gipsy Vo i c e s performance employees of SWR TV became aware of the band and contacted
the band leader Antonio Torres. Recordings were produced at Castle Altensteig and a few weeks later
a detailed documentary about the band has been broadcasted.
Currently the band is in the studio and records new songs of their own.

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